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What Are the Benefits of Paper Yarn? 


Paper yarn can eliminate the discomfort that clothing can cause like unpleasant odors. Based on ISO test standards, paper yarn was proven to reduce 99% of Isovaleric acid gas, 98% of Acetic gas, and 80% of Ammonia gas, which are the main culprits of foot odor.


Paper yarn has corrugated fibers that creates large surface area. This unique structure allows for the moisture-wicking and quick-drying properties, which can help prevent athlete’s foot by keeping feet dry. 


Paper yarn stops the growth of Staphylococcus aureus, sweat odor-causing bacteria, and Moraxella osloensis, musty odor-causing bacteria. 

Dry Touch

Paper is not soft but can provide a different type of comfortability. Paper yarn can keep away the unwanted discomfort that clothing can cause like feeling clammy and sticky.

What is Paper Yarn?

How It's Made

Dating back to the 1600s, paper yarn, or “washi”, has traditionally been used in Japan. At the time, the aristocracy used paper itself as garment fabrics because of its seasonal versatility; comfortable in both summer and winter climates, lightweight yet warm. Today, as Japanese paper manufacturers have developed thin but durable paper, the advanced technology of slitting paper into very narrow strips, its now possible to make fine paper yarn for apparel.

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Manila Hemp

Manila Hemp, a member of the banana family, is grown and harvested in the Philippines. This plant is best known as a fast growing, ecological plant which helps minimize soil erosion.

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Our paper manufacturer is based in Mino, Japan, where it has traditionally been recognized for paper manufacturing. They developed a thin but durable paper for the yarn.

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The paper is slit into narrow strips which have about 1/16" width. They are delicately wound up for the next process.

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The stipe is normally twisted with other materials necessary for elasticity. Currently, we use recycled polyester or organic cotton.

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