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Q1. What is the paper yarn made of?

A. Unlike the paper we typically come across for printing, packaging, etc., our paper yarn does not come from trees. Our paper yarn is made from Manila Hemp, a renewable, fast-growing banana plant, also known to be an ecological plant which helps to prevent soil erosion.

Q2. Is it recycled paper?

A. The paper yarn does not come from recycled paper as the fiber length is not long enough to make yarn. We do try to use other recycled fibers like recycled polyester where we can. We also use recycled materials in our packaging.

Q3. Where does the paper come from?

A. The paper is made in Japan, where it’s traditionally used for many things such as architecture, furniture, clothing and more.

Q4. What are the benefits of paper yarn?

A. Paper yarn has natural anti-odor, moisture-wicking and quick drying properties. The touch provides you a new kind of comfort.

Q5. Is it still performance-effective if it’s not 100% paper?

A. We knit the paper yarn with other yarns like polyester, cotton, etc to achieve the best level of comfort and softness while you can still feel and benefit from paper.

Q6. How is it different from linen?

A. Linen is a bast fiber and spun to make the yarn. Paper yarn is produced by slitting paper made from Manila hemp. Both have a similar touch, but paper yarn feels drier due to its flat and smooth surface.

Q7. How is it different from Rayon or Tencel?

A. Our paper yarn is made from Manila Hemp whereas Tencel or rayon uses Eucalyptus. Manila Hemp is stronger and more durable than rayon fiber. In terms of production, unlike Tencel or rayon, paper yarn does not undergo a heavy chemical process in production where the pulp is mixed with carbon disulfide, which is toxic, to synthesize viscose. For paper yarn, the pulp is dried with starch instead.

Q8. Is it sustainable?

A. While we aren’t a ‘sustainable brand’, it is certainly an important aspect we take into consideration in our sourcing process - we’re not completely there yet and we recognize there’s more to done. Our main material, paper yarn is made from Manila Hemp, considered as a renewable resource, is a fast-growing and ecological plant which helps to prevent soil erosion. When we knit with other yarns, we make an effort to use organic or recycled fibers where we can. As part of our effort to give back to nature, we plant a tree with every purchase through our partnership with the National Forest Foundation.

Q9. Is it washable?

A. Yes, all our products are washable. Paper yarn is very durable, and can withstand wash cycles without compromising the quality or dimensional stability.

Q10. Can paper yarn become softer after wash?

A. Yes, paper yarn becomes softer when it’s crumpled like regular paper, but it won’t lose its functionalities like moisture-wicking and anti-odor. You can enjoy the transition.

Q11. Do you sell paper yarn itself?

A. We do not sell paper yarn at the moment.



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