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In the Beginning

We’re textile experts with experience developing a wide range of fabrics from technical to high end fashion, including over ten years of developing fabrics made with paper yarn. When we studied the unique capabilities and natural functionalities of paper yarn we became obsessed with the material. In 2019 we decided to start Paper Project in New York, by way of Japan, and committed to introducing this fascinating material to the world and changing the way we see paper.

Our Mission

We want to create long lasting, superior quality essentials that are comfortable, effortless, and kind to the environment, ingeniously made with paper yarn to have natural functional benefits. Fit, comfort and purpose for everyday life have been the guiding staples in our meticulously considered designs. We believe comfortable clothing can not only enhance our performance physically and mentally, but also help relieve stress.

Buy One, Plant One 

We trace all the manufacturing steps of our products, including selecting raw materials, factories and packaging materials carefully. We try our best to minimize our environmental impact, however, we do use natural resources to some extent in our production process. In return for the benefits of natural resources, what we can do is to contribute positively to the global environment. We donate one tree for every order through the National Forest Foundation.

We've donated 7, 913 trees 

since our brand launch in 2019.
As of August 2022.

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