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Washable 4-Way Stretch Face Mask

anti bacterial mask paper project

In the wake of the pandemic, we shifted gears to think of ways we can be of some help. Our intention is to meet what the community needs with what we’re capable of providing. We’re using our paper yarn to make non-medical face masks for civilians in an effort to ensure healthcare and essential workers continue to have access to the appropriate protective medical masks they need. Whether it becomes a part of the new normal going forward, wearing a face mask can show consideration of your own safety and others around you.

While our masks are not medical grade, the purpose behind them is to help protect. They’re designed to be worn by everyday people to go about daily public activities like going grocery shopping, commuting, or running. Most importantly, we wanted to design them to be functional, practical and comfortable. We used our mint paper fabric considering its natural moisture-wicking, anti-odor and quick-drying properties and saw it was an ideal material for face masks.

Testing & Production

Maybe like us, you were overwhelmed by the many masks suddenly available on the market but were also unsure of the quality and manufacturing process. While we ideally wanted to be able to offer our masks sooner, we took the time and the proper steps to make sure our masks have been produced in a clean and safe process. Our sewing facility is a trusted partner we have already been working with. We were able to work closely with them to develop and test multiple stages of samples to arrive at the best design and quality. Our masks have undergone and passed testing to ensure it does not contain toxic substances that some fabrics may have through the dyeing and finishing processes. The fabrics are proven to not contain formaldehyde and AZO compounds. (Test Results)

mask design antibacterial


Nano-Fine Antibacterial Finish 

Our masks have an antibacterial wash finish applied, which contains zinc oxide. The particles of this antibacterial solvent are ultra-fine, measuring at just 80 nanometers in diameter. It’s nearly a quarter of the size of other common anti-bacterial solvents so its actually able to get into the fabric fibers. The antibacterial function is stronger and more durable compared to other anti-bacterial finishes that can only be applied to the fabric surface. Testing has confirmed the nano-fine finish can withstand 30 wash cycles. Zinc oxide is a safe material certified by the FDA. The finish is effective against bacteria like Staphylococcus aureus, Klebsiella pneumoniae, MRSA and Moraxella osloensis (not effective against viruses like COVID-19). 

nano fine antibacterial finish mask


Two-Layer Design

To help protect against droplets and keep your mouth from having contact with the exterior fabric exposed to outside air, the mask is designed with two layers of fabric The interior mint-paper jersey fabric wicks moisture out quickly, which helps to release humidity. The design also features a pocket insert which can fit 4.5" x 3" sized filters, or alternatively, can simply use a paper napkin. The exterior fabric is typically used for bathing suits that also dries quickly.  

paper fabric mask


This may be an accessory you wear throughout the day, so we wanted it to be as pleasant to wear as if it were any other part of your outfit. Designed for all-day comfort, the soft stretchy exterior fabric allows for flexibility to fit the wearer’s face and a soft elastic ear band for a gentle feel even after long wear. The dimensional shape of the mask lets the wearer breathe easily. 

paper project mask


Easy Care

Our mask is washable, eliminating the need to buy lesser quality, single use masks. While most cloth masks are prone to wrinkles after wash, our mask uses stretchy knit fabrics that won’t wrinkle easily. The fabrics have good dimensional stability to withstand wash and dry cycles. mask all colorways

*This is a personal use item. It is not medical grade. Our face masks are not a substitute for N95, surgical, or procedural masks and are not FDA approved.

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