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Upcycled Patch Pocket Tee Collection

Introducing our new Patch Pocket Tees made with our 4880 Crew Tee and fabric leftover from Takihyo NY.

Patch Pocket Tee CollectionTakihyo, a Japanese textile company, sells all kinds of fabrics from shirting to denim. The company was founded in 1751 as a Kimono fabric seller. Since then, renowned fashion brands around the world have sought Takihyo's quality fabrics.

Motta Loop Upcycled FabricsAs a long-established company, Takihyo is rooted in tradition, but at the same time, it is always evolving with the times. The company is now working toward tackling environmental issues and expanding its sustainable fabric offerings. The goal is to replace its entire collection with sustainable fabrics in the near future. One of its recent projects is Motta Loop, a closed-loop, upcycling initiative that creates fabrics out of discarded materials. Through this initiative, cutting waste from sewing factories and discarded garments collected from stores are recycled into new fabric. Takihyo even partners with fashion brands to help them recycle their own textile waste to use in new products.

Takashi at Takihyo Showroom
Takihyo’s showroom, which is located in Midtown Manhattan, allows clients to browse its current fabric collection. In the textile business, fabric sellers often produce sample yardage for clients. When the remaining fabric is too short to use as a sample, it inevitably ends up as waste. Takashi Yamada, GM of Takihyo NY, says "We've been focusing on sustainable fabrics, so I wanted to find a way to utilize our own waste as a sustainable company. We’ve partnered with FABSCRAP* to collect fabric waste at our showroom for brands to reuse or recycle. Paper Project came up with a great idea to reuse them. This is an amazing upcycling activity. I believe people will resonate with this idea, and we will be able to continue this project."

Paper Project has upcycled Takihyo’s leftover fabric by adding it to our signature 4880 Crew Tee as a patch pocket. The leftover sample fabric is limited, so we can only produce the same patch pocket style in very limited numbers.

Patch Pocket Tee Black

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The initial feedback has been extremely positive, so we’re planning to make more T-shirts with additional fabric while supplies last. 

Fabscrap Bag

*FABSCRAP is a non-profit organization that provides convenient pickup and recycling of textiles for businesses in New York City and Philadelphia. Fabscrap has collected over 4,500lbs for recycling and reuse from Takihyo.

Visit Takihyo NY website for more information.

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