Time for change - with six New York City artists

Time for change - An evening with PAPER PROJECT and six New York City artists at The Standard Hotel, Meatpacking.

paper project pop up at the standard

To announce that The Shop is now carrying Paper Project products, we threw an opening party and created a limited edition artist collaboration project.

 Paper Project is best enjoyed by people with open minds. That’s why we collaborated with six artists who use Paper Project pieces as blank canvases for their art. We featured the work of six artists interpreting the mission and mantra of Paper Project “Time For Change” on blank 4880 Paper Project crew t-shirts and basic rib crew socks.  

paper project artist collaboration tees

Isaac designed his graphic on a plane ride back from a filming trip in Hawaii. He makes child-like and abstract illustrations. His design concept is about how its time to convert to vegetarianism.

Nadia dreams of being a cowboy. She's a graphic designer who takes influence from her hometowns in Hong Kong and Georgia. Her concept is about evolution and growth visualized through a caterpillar and butterfly.

paper project artist collaboration tees

Kelsey is a creative director, designer and artist that knows more about forks than anyone. She took a literal approach to Thyme. It is supposed to resemble old collateral graphics — slightly ugly, a little off kilter, some elements ’technically’ not on point, stretched type, weird placement.

Noelle 's most recent addition to her oddities collection is a human vertebrae. She's an artist who focuses on illustration and installation work. Her illustration is about flipping the switch (i.e. the hydraulics switch). 

paper project artist collaboration tees


Seth Henry Fountain has no known allergies and once sued Zumies. Seth's almost all over print is a critic on predictable, safe tee-shirt graphic trends. 

Brooke is a pattern maker who focuses on sustainability and just broke her jaw. Her sock sweater is made from a pattern that Margiela designed and made public. The sweater is made of 5 pairs of Paper Project socks. 

Diego's right foot is a whole size bigger than his left. He's a screenprinter and master cinematographer. He printed all of the limited edition graphics for this show at Look Studios in Brooklyn, NY. 

paper project artist collaboration tees


When is it time for change? 
Well, it all starts with a spark, a reason to gather, a joy and a grievance, a new season, coins in the pocket where there used to be lint, taking the plunge, clicking the button, crossing your fingers, a currency that doesn’t exist yet, a style muse from space. Time For Change is about trying a new material, paper yarn, that gives the wearer a whole new sense of wearing. more open minds, please.

paper project artist collaboration tees


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