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  • 4880 Mid-weight Paper Jersey

    4880 Mid-weight Paper Jersey

    4880 fabric is our innovative dense midweight jersey. We developed it with a skilled knitting mill in Japan which offers quality fabrics to world-renowned brands. The face side is cotton, and paper yarn runs through the backside. The perfect balance of softness and stiffness creates an elegant drape. The weight is lighter than expected given its thickness.  Paper yarn is double twisted, which enhances a comfortable dry touch...
  • 3010 Mint Stretch Paper Jersey

    3010 Mint Stretch Paper Jersey

    Ultimate clean This smooth, lightweight jersey is knitted with paper and rayon yarns, and blended with mint extract. As a natural component, Mint has anti-bacterial and deodorizing functionality.  Since innerwear sits against the body in some of the most intimate ways, it’s important to have clothing that treats the body right, something that we firmly believes in. Thanks to the unique combination of materials...
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