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More About Our Paper Yarn

Let's talk about paper yarn more. 

Paper yarn is produced by slitting paper into fine strips and twisting them. The paper is manufactured in Mino, Japan, where it is traditionally known as the paper industry. Our paper manufacturer developed thin but durable paper for making fine paper yarn. Paper is made of pulp from manila hemp.


A rolled paper sheet is slit into fine strips. This process requires a sophisticated technique that only a few factories can achieve. The next twisting process is also important. We have two different types of paper yarn by twisting. 

Our regular paper yarn, a fine paper strip covers polyester yarn. The yarn becomes softer and bulkier. We also use Double Twist Paper Yarn, which is a ply yarn made of twisted paper and polyester yarns. The yarn feels drier and cooler. The process also increases durability. We use these two types for different items based on the design goal.


We continue to develop new paper yarns for better solution of comfortability and sustainability at the same time. 

 You can learn more about paper yarn's properties here.

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