Meet the Performance Ankle Sock

The Performance Ankle Sock is designed with the qualities and features important for the athlete in you. By being knit with Japanese paper yarn and Merino wool, these socks will keep your feet comfortable, cool and dry during a workout. 


Japanese Paper Yarn x Merino Wool

Japanese paper yarn is a naturally porous fiber with many pockets that allow for moisture-wicking and odor-eliminating properties, so you can take comfort in your feet and socks staying sweat-free and odor-free. Compared to regular cotton, paper yarn is more ideal for a high-performance active sock as its capable of absorbing water 7 times faster and dries 1.5 times quicker.

The majority of the sock content is Merino wool, which similar to paper yarn also has moisture-wicking and odor-absorbing properties. An important benefit of Merino wool is that it helps regulate body temperature. Thanks to the natural structure of the fiber, it can insulate and expel moisture away from the body, keeping you cool in warmer climates and warm in colder climates. 



The Performance Ankle Sock features non-slip grip made of silicone at the toe and heel that let you secure your footing without sliding, or prevent your socks from shifting while running. The heel tab keeps the sock from slipping down into your shoe while protecting you from getting painful blisters. Designed with a Y-stitch at the heel and arch support compression rib for a comfortably snug fit. The pile stitch at sole gives you extra cushion for comfort during intense workouts. 

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