Introducing New Materials for Fall

Our new Fall/Winter sock collection is here, with a seasonal color palette including rich ochre and mulberry purple, drawing inspiration from the vibrant, lively feeling of Hoi An, Vietnam. 

All styles are purposefully designed around the natural benefits of Japanese paper yarn to improve your daily comfortability. For this collection, we’re also including  new materials that are natural or eco-friendly, with functional benefits –

Washable Merino Wool

Merino wool, a staple for being cozy, is a natural and renewable fiber. In addition to being delicately soft, Merino wool functions to help regulate your body temperature, keeping you warm in colder climates while expelling moisture away from the skin for cool, dry comfortability in warmer climates. With its unique capability to absorb unpleasant odors and moisture-wicking properties to prevent build up of sweat, you'll no longer be distracted by discomfort or smelling. 

Recycled Polyester

Paper-polyester ply yarn when twisted together allows for elasticity for knitting. Starting this season, we’re using recycled polyester made from plastic bottles. The yarn is produced by a GRS-certified facility. GRS or Global Recycled Standard is an international standard administered by the Textile Exchange that verifies requirements for certification of traceability and labeling of recycled content, supply chain, as well as safe social and environmental practices, and chemical restrictions.


Hemp is a natural fiber, which requires less water than cotton to produce in its densely growing plant stage. Similar to paper yarn, hemp also has moisture-wicking and anti-odor properties made possible with its porous fibers. A naturally durable yet soft and breathable material we thought perfectly fit for your everyday essentials.

 <Hemp Heather Crew Sock - Oatmeal>

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