Hate Is A Virus

We started our brand because we wanted to introduce paper yarn, a material born in our home country of Japan, to new communities.  We deeply appreciate the diversity of the United States, and embrace the fact that so many people in this country are open-minded, and cherish different cultures and people from different backgrounds.

Although we still believe this to be true, we are deeply upset and hurt by the recent spike in hate crimes against the Asian community in the United States, especially as a brand rooted in Japanese culture.  We cannot be silent about people suffering due to racism and racist systems.

In order to support this cause and the voices of minorities, we have donated half of our monthly fund for the National Forest Foundation, an organization we promised to donate to in our Buy One Plant One policy, from this past month to the AAPI Community Fund. Going forward, we will continue to donate to organizations that strive to uplift and improve community safety for Asian communities, as well as help victims of violent hate crimes until we see a reduction in prejudice towards the Asian community.  We will also continue to create products for people who appreciate diversity.

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