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Happy Earth Day

While our normal lives may be on pause in quarantine, Spring is flourishing forward and Mother Nature is flaunting her beauty, bringing us a sense of comfort and reminding us why we appreciate her. We’re taking a good look at where we’re at in our progress towards sustainability. It’s something we continue to prioritize in sourcing to manufacturing, packaging, and areas in between, but we know there’s more to be done. It’s not perfect but we’re on our way. Our production process involves harvesting plants to make the yarns. For our paper yarn, we went with Manila Hemp, which is a fast-growing ecological plant that also helps with soil erosion. We realize harvesting is taking something, and we want to make an effort to give back and off-set this. As part of our environmental commitment, we’ve partnered with the National Forest Foundation. We’re planting a tree item sold. 

Left: Manila hemp in Philipines / Right: Dried Manila hemp fibers 

Planting trees with the National Forest Foundation can go a long way as it helps to support wildfire recovery, improve water quality, and mitigate climate change. Each reforestation project addresses a specific need which are first assessed by the US Forest Service to identify the area in need and the tree species to be restored. Natural disturbances like wildfire, particularly in the Western US, commonly creates need for reforestation, and are among the devasted sites that call for important steps to help restore the forests.

Earth Day and every day, we are proud to participate in restoring our National Forests through our partnership. You can learn more information about the National Forest Foundation here:

national forest foundation

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