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Get to Know Our No-Show Sock

A lot goes into even our smallest sock. No-Show socks are an essential item in your wardrobe rotation. Though it may not serve any aesthetic contribution to your outfit, it’s there helping to prevent problems that may occur with wearing shoes barefoot, like foul foot odor or chaffing. Our no-show contains the highest percentage of paper yarn content across our products. Your foot can experience the most benefit from the functionalities of paper yarn with these socks. Not only does it eliminate odor, the paper yarn content also works to wick away moisture 1.5 times more quickly than cotton can.

The biggest pet peeve of no-show socks may be that it can tend to slip off your foot, ending up on only half your foot while you have your shoes on, causing a discomfort that can't be ignored. Then you have to stop to take off the shoe, pull the sock back up, shoe back on and hope it doesn’t happen again. It’s frustrating, and the very nightmare scenario that we focused on addressing in our design process.

Preventing this problem was top of mind in designing our No-Show Sock. After testing out dozens of pairs of no-shows from the market, we found that an all around ribbed opening works better to reliably keep the sock in place than other types of openings. Some other popular no-shows in the market only have ribbing on half the opening. Others have an extra wide opening which causes the sock to have a weaker retention between the front and back of the opening, making it easier to slip off the heel. For additional support to ensure the sock stays securely on your foot, we included a silicone print on the interior, with the width of the print just wide enough to hug you heel. After testing out several patterns, we adopted the four wave lines silicone print as we found a contiguous shape becomes too sticky.


The design features a three-dimensional heel shape using a y-stitch technique so that the sock conforms to your heel shape, helping to prevent it from sliding down. We paid special attention to the sizing as it’s a crucial aspect to make sure is in the right balance, not loose and not too tight. The lightweight fabric is breathable and comfortable, so it feels as if you are barefoot.

No Show Socks Non Slip


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