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All Day Sweats with Antimicrobial Protection

Now more than ever, paying more attention to safety and hygiene has become the new normal- even for the things we wear. We asked ourselves what we can be doing beyond wearing a mask to give us more ease of mind in our daily lives. 

Introducing Our All Day Clean Sweats Collection.

For our new All Day Clean sweats collection, we applied Bac-Pure® antimicrobial finish on our knit fabric to provide the ultimate clean you can wear. The treated fabric adds a layer of protection against bacteria like Staphylococcus aureus or E. Coli, virus, and fungus for carefree comfort all day, and everyday. The collection includes comfortable and functional sweatshirts, sweatpants, and sweat-shorts with thoughtfully designed details for everyday life. 

What is Bac-Pure?

Bac-pure is developed by Smart Inovation®, a nanotechnology company focused on developing innovative and sustainable chemical solutions. Their mission is to provide greater protection and well-being for everyone and everything. 

The active ingredient of Bac-Pure® is Benzalkonium Chlorid (BKC). This substance is safe, non-toxic, has no environmental impact, and has impressive antimicrobial activity. BKC has been trusted in the market for decades and can be found in many current consumer personal care products including wet wipes, shampoos, hand sanitizers, pharmaceutical products like skin antiseptics, and also in surgical medical disinfection.  

Tested against various microorganisms, the results showed the antibacterial finish is effective in the elimination of bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and fungus, and is resistant to more than 100 washes. The application helps for everyday odor control, freshness and hygiene, as well as prevention of infections and cross-contamination. Microbes are killed in an effective, long-lasting and sustainable way (no silver) without toxicity for humans or environmental impact. Resistant to more than 100 washes in textiles. The treatment is safe, non-toxic, eco-friendly, with high durability and efficacy that use active ingredients approved by FDA, EPA and WHO.

Long Lasting Protection

Because the patented technology is based on a matrix of silica (Si) particles instead of microcapsules, its able to carry the active ingredient on their surface and fixes on the substrate, providing high-performance and ultimate washing resistance. A major advantage over microcapsules, it is not affected by temperature, friction, UV exposure or other factors, and the effectiveness is able to last beyond 100 washes. 

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