3010 Mint Stretch Paper Jersey

mint stretch paper jersey

Ultimate clean

This smooth, lightweight jersey is knitted with paper and rayon yarns, and blended with mint extract. As a natural component, Mint has anti-bacterial and deodorizing functionality. 

Since innerwear sits against the body in some of the most intimate ways, it’s important to have clothing that treats the body right, something that we firmly believes in. Thanks to the unique combination of materials and the new addition of Mint extract, the fabric showed high anti-bacterial activity against Staphylococcus aureus, which causes body odor, and Moraxella osloensis, which grows in damp condition and causes mildew.

Based on ISO standard tests, the fabric reduced both bacteria by more than half of the initial score while a cotton fabric cannot stop bacteria growth.

Mint paper underwear

The most comfortable fabric for your skin. The number proved scientifically.

The fabric has softness and elasticity as innerwear should have. Additionally, based on coolness and warmth test results*, this fabric will provide the best comfortable feeling for your body’s skin.

*Its maximum heat absorption rate was 0.11(J/cm2・sec) underΔT=10℃. The closer to 0.1, the better for your body’s skin.


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mint stretch paper jersey




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