• Washable 4-Way Stretch Face Mask

    Washable 4-Way Stretch Face Mask

    In the wake of the pandemic, we shifted gears to think of ways we can be of some help. Our intention is to meet what the community needs with what we’re capable of providing. We’re using our paper yarn to make non-medical face masks for civilians in an effort to ensure healthcare and essential workers continue to have access to the appropriate protective medical masks they need. Whether...
  • Happy Earth Day

    Happy Earth Day

    While our normal lives may be on pause in quarantine, Spring is flourishing forward and Mother Nature is flaunting her beauty, bringing us a sense of comfort and reminding us why we appreciate her. We’re taking a good look at where we’re at in our progress towards sustainability. It’s something we continue to prioritize in sourcing to manufacturing, packaging, and areas in between, but...
  • Time for change - with six New York City artists

    Time for change - with six New York City artists

    Time for change - An evening with PAPER PROJECT and six New York City artists at The Standard Hotel, Meatpacking. To announce that The Shop is now carrying Paper Project products, we threw an opening party and created a limited edition artist collaboration project.  Paper Project is best enjoyed by people with open minds. That’s why we collaborated with six artists who use Paper Project...
  • 4880 Mid-weight Paper Jersey

    4880 Mid-weight Paper Jersey

    4880 fabric is our innovative dense midweight jersey. We developed it with a skilled knitting mill in Japan which offers quality fabrics to world-renowned brands. The face side is cotton, and paper yarn runs through the backside. The perfect balance of softness and stiffness creates an elegant drape. The weight is lighter than expected given its thickness.  Paper yarn is double twisted, which enhances a comfortable dry touch...
  • POP-UP Store at The Shop At The Standard, High Line

    POP-UP Store at The Shop At The Standard, High Line

    PAPER PROJECT is excited to announce the opening of our POP-UP store at The Standard Hotel. Come and touch our products!! The POP-UP will be open until the end of March.   THE SHOP AT THE STANDARD, HIGH LINE 442 West 13th Street, New York, NY 10014    
  • POP-UP Store at Renegade Craft

    POP-UP Store at Renegade Craft

    Come Visit Our Booth #124   Renegade Craft is a curated marketplace of creative brands and designers. PAPER PROJECT participates in its coming fair in Brooklyn. We are honored to be part of it as a NY based brand. We're excited to show our unique products. We'll offer almost all the products that are currently available at our online store. Come visit us to touch our products...
  • 3010 Mint Stretch Paper Jersey

    3010 Mint Stretch Paper Jersey

    Ultimate clean This smooth, lightweight jersey is knitted with paper and rayon yarns, and blended with mint extract. As a natural component, Mint has anti-bacterial and deodorizing functionality.  Since innerwear sits against the body in some of the most intimate ways, it’s important to have clothing that treats the body right, something that we firmly believes in. Thanks to the unique combination of materials...
  • More About Our Paper Yarn

    More About Our Paper Yarn

    Let's talk about paper yarn more.  Paper yarn is produced by slitting paper into fine strips and twisting them. The paper is manufactured in Ehime, Japan, where it is traditionally known as the paper industry. Our paper manufacturer developed thin but durable paper for making fine paper yarn. Paper is made of pulp from manila hemp and wood from managed forests. The combination of these raw materials...
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